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On Site Container Storage

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O’Neill Moving & Storage offers highly versatile on site container storage solutions for both commercial and residential applications. Portable storage containers are enormously popular among contractors, commercial and retail businesses, government agencies, construction companies and homeowners alike. Whether you are planning a big move, undergoing a home renovation or construction or simply need an easier way to transport goods from point A to point B, you can count on O’Neill to get the job done right.

Storage Containers Anywhere

Why bother with having to drive to a storage unit when O’Neill can drop one off on your doorstep? Our portable storage containers can be delivered nearly anywhere you may need them, from construction sites to apartment complexes. Sturdy, durable, and extremely safe, these containers protect your valuable items from inclement weather, as well as from theft and damage. Here are some additional considerations:

  • Store your furniture and valuable items safely during a home remodel.
  • Transfer your belongings somewhere safe after a fire, flood, or other disaster.
  • Too much clutter? Store everything at once to free up extra space around the house.
  • Save time, energy, and gas by avoiding an offsite storage facility.
  • Safer than public storage—you control who is and is not permitted access to your container.

Portability for Businesses

Businesses, in particular, can benefit from on site container storage. The time and labor savings alone often more than make up for the cost of the rental. Here are more benefits:

  • Store seasonal equipment away when not in use, freeing up workspace
  • Extremely inexpensive storage solution when compared with permanent warehousing space
  • Allow construction inventory to be shipped in bulk, saving on freight costs
  • Capitalize on bulk discounts
  • The cost of the container rental could be written off as an operating expense—ask your accountant

Learn More Today

To learn more about our portable containers, please contact O’Neill Moving & Storage today. Contact O’Neil Transfer & Storage at 503-747-3630, or you can submit an online request.

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