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Moving With Pets

Moving with Pets Tips

Once you’ve got the kids settled and excited about the big news, you can’t forget the other members of your family – your pets. Moving with pets can be a big challenge if you aren’t prepared for the process. Here at O’Neill Moving & Storage, we have years of experience working with homeowners to ensure that EVERY family member is ready for the trek to a new home.

You can’t explain the moving process to your pet, and you can typically expect your pet to express some anxiety about being in a new place. In order to minimize the trauma on both of you, use the following tips for moving with pets.

  • Update pet tags before you move
  • Obtain a copy of your veterinary records for your new vet
  • Keep food and medications on hand in an easy to reach spot
  • Keep your pet separate from all the chaos
  • Pack a small first aid kit for pets
  • Restrain pets in the car while traveling
  • If flying, check with the airline beforehand about special pet considerations
  • Research and choose a new animal hospital and veterinarian
  • Prepare for accidents in your new home as pets adjust
  • Learn more about local health concerns for pets in your new area

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