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Moving Terminology

Moving Tips & Terminology As with any industry, the moving industry has a long list of terms that are often misunderstood by the average consumer. Here at O’Neill Moving & Storage, we are committed to educating our customers about the process, and want you to feel comfortable with all of our services.

In an effort to ease your mind and help you better understand your contract and charges, we’ve put together a moving dictionary that includes important terms you should know before moving.

  • Accessorial Services – Includes any extra services you may need during your move, such as packing, stair carries, hoisting services or furniture assembly
  • Valuation – The estimated worth of your entire shipment, or belongings
  • High-Value Article – Any items you own that are worth more than $100/lb
  • Order for Service – A legal document that authorizes us to move your belongings to your new home
  • In-House Estimate – A quote used to determine the total cost of moving your belongings
  • Claim – Filed if any items are missing or damaged when your move is completed
  • Stair Carries – An additional charge that is incurred when movers must climb flights of stairs to move your belongings, such as in an apartment building
  • Rogue Mover – A term used to describe any moving company that holds goods hostage or performs other unethical practices.

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