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Professional Moving Services

Commercial and Residential Moving Services

The O’Neill professional moving service team is committed to providing courteous relocation services to each one of our clients at every stage of the moving process. What goes into the process of relocation and how can our moving services help make this process simpler?

Moving Done Right

Moving the furniture, electronics, books, and other items that make up a household is a lot more complicated than depositing packed cartons into a transport truck. Each stage of the process has to be given thorough attention in order to ensure careful handling and accurate delivery.  Our moving services are only complete when all items arrive at their destination on time and in perfect condition. We aim for complete customer satisfaction.

Why Choose Us When You Move?

As a respected professional moving service, we approach each job with an attitude of excellence. We want to make moving a less stressful experience for each of our customers; no matter whether you are moving to a new city or just across town, moving can be complicated and difficult to manage. We provide numerous moving services to make this process easier for you and your family or business:

  • Choose from many high quality moving materials, including cardboard cartons, for self-packing
  • Auto, boat, and motorcycle shipping
  • Storage-in-transit for residential clients
  • Customized crating for large or delicate items
  • Complete inventory during loading
  • Competitive pricing

Unloading cartons and reassembling items taken apart for easy transport is the final stage of the moving process; we can help you do this, too. An unloading manifest can be drawn up to specify exactly which cartons and items need to be brought to which room; this makes the final unpacking stage easier for you to accomplish. Reassembling modular office furniture and similar items can help you get your business ready for re-opening in less time than you expected.

Give Us a Call

From beginning to end we want to help you accomplish a successful and low stress relocation; that is what our entire team aims to provide. Simply contact an O’Neill Transfer & Storage Representative at 503-747-3630 to begin planning your next move.

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