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Moving Tips: Garage Sale Tips

Garage Sale Tips

As you start the process of moving, it’s easy to become overwhelmed simply with how much stuff you’ve accumulated over the years. Rather than hauling that old toaster or coffee table with you across the country, it may be profitable to have a garage sale to simplify your move and put some extra cash in your pocket. After all, history says that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

In an effort to help our valued customers, we’ve put together a list of garage sale tips that will help you organize, plan, and execute a successful garage sale before you move.

  • Advertise effectively
  • Place larger items in the front of your display
  • Include a FREE pile to draw people in
  • Invite your neighbors to participate
  • Price your items to sell
  • Put a price tag on EVERY item
  • Organize your space throughout the day
  • Place item sets or collections in bags
  • Place similar items together
  • Label all items clearly

A garage sale can either be a gold mine or an unnecessary headache, depending on how you approach the event. With organization and a little business sense, you can turn your old items into more money in your pocket.

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